12 de mayo de 2021


 After reading a bit about complexity and trying to figure how most modern aproaches in artfificial intelligence work, I decided to start a blog, like it used to do. In advance, forgive my english, far to be accurated but maybe enough to have fun. Let's get started!

Why AI and Complexity?
When thinking on complex systems or emergence, first come to my mind the brain. Like ants, neurons follow 'simple' rules to finally, at major scale, produce a very sofisticated and unexplicable behaviour. But, when appears that complex behave in a descentraliced system? This kind of adaptative capability appears on many areas like biology, economy, mathematics, liguistics, sociology, but it's not easy for now to determine how it happen.

Also this question sounds stronger when we focus our gaze in stuff like DNA, genetic algorithms, fractals and self-similarity, self-organiced societies, non-linear dynamics, collective intelligence, language structures and it's metaphores. Finally, in the top of that list, would be for me self-conciuousness. 
Always I have been interested in why the intelligence, the language, the brain. The research of the complex behaviour had a huge growth during last decades. Recently, the name of Artificial Intelligence has been labeled all around and filled the news, but who it's really hidden behing it's only Deep Learning algorithms that are far away from the expectations about what we consider real intelligence. They should be named as narrow intelligence algorithms, which are quite good in very specific tasks but have no adaptation capabilities as General Intelligence, like humans' do.  Now with Big-Data, technologies developed few years ago can shine like as new. For sure, it has improve a lot, and it's becoming more and more impressive their results, but we are far away from there, from AI.